Image: Eoin Lettice

Dr Lettice has a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching interests including genetics, plant biotechnology, plant pathology, soil science and data analysis. He holds an MA in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Dr Lettice is the current Examinations Officer at the School of BEES, UCC.

Dr Lettice contributes to a wide range of academic programmes at UCC including: BSc Applied Plant Biology; BAgrSc Agricultural Science; PGDip Irish Food Culture; Dip Speciality Food Production.

Current and Previous Modules

Cells, Biomolecules, Genetics and Evolution

  • Introduction to genetics including nuclear division, gene transcription and translation and Mendelian genetics.

Introduction to Plant Biotechnology*

  • The use of plant tissue culture and a range of novel biotechnological methods to improve plant genomes.

Sustainable Plant Pest and Disease Management*

  • Providing a grounding in plant pathology as well as the importance of biocontrol and biorational control methods for managing plant pests and pathogens.

Structure and Improvement of Soils*

  • From how soil is formed to how it is threatened and its impact of plant production, this module uses practical sessions to emphasise the key role soil plays in crop production.

Organic Crop Pest and Pathogen Management*

  • A comprehensive plant pathology module with a particular emphasis on organic systems.

Research Methods for Crop Science*

  • Designing experiments, collecting data, analysing and presenting results utilising a range of statistical tests.

Food Production and the Environment*

  • Challenges and opportunities for conventional and sustainable agriculture.

Plant Science Literature Review*

  • Research skills; science writing and presentation skills for undergraduate plant science students.


*module coordinator